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Amid so many choices, it’s easy for high-value information to be diminished, reduced to just one more electronic input. And as psychologist Barry Schwartz outlined in The Paradox of Choice, sometimes too many options at once can overwhelm the consumer, leading to anxiety.
— Thomas E Weber: "The Real Genius Of The Kindle? The Return Of ‘Unitasking’"
Pinboard is "social bookmarking for introverts", also described as being "for people with more bookmarks than friends". It's a throwback to the early, clean, usable days of Delicious, and it's where I'm keeping my public bookmarks from now on.
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My desktop, late June 2009.
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LoseThos is simple. It runs on a standard 64-bit PC, nothing exotic, and compiles and runs native x86_64 code - no byte code or interpreter, anywhere. Its purpose is for users to have fun programming. Nervous about no memory protections? [...] Don't write programs that malfunction. At the worst, you reboot. Takes 2 seconds.
The LoseThos 64-bit PC Operating System
If there’s one thing that complements minimalist design, it’s an extension architecture
Why minimalist software wins at workflow
Minimal was a subtractive synthesis, not least of all because it removed the history-bound, sex, drugs, colour and identity-obsessed genres of the 90s
mnml ssgs: Post Post Mortem on Minimal
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I certainly wouldn’t recommend my life to most people — and my heart goes out to those who have recently been condemned to a simplicity they never needed or wanted. But I’m not sure how much outward details or accomplishments ever really make us happy deep down.
— Pico Iyer: "The Joy of Less"
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To me minimalism is the strongest expression. Sometimes you can just say one word and it’s so powerful.
Robert Hood
From cxpartners' Secrets of Simplicity presentation.


"We wanted a little better way to collaborate over email."
Minima has a new home: I don't intend on moving the site off of Soup, just wanted to future-proof the URL a bit. Update your bookmarks at your leisure, as the old URL will continue to work.

Asphalt Eden

Home of periodic mix series The Quiet Sounds, specializing in ambient and otherwise subdued audio.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci
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Untitled (To Dan Flavin) by Salvatore Panatteri. Via Erasing.
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Simplicity is the shortest path to a solution.
— Ward Cunningham: "The Simplest Thing that Could Possibly Work"
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uzbl is a web browser with a "very minimal interface" and  "[n]o unnecessary interface elements". It is meant to be used as part of a UNIX-style workflow of chaining and streaming single-purpose programs.
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